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Complaints Against
Police Officers

While police officers are often portrayed as being above reproach, that is not always the case. Police are not allowed to use excessive force when engaging in their work, and they are also limited in their powers of search and detention. When police break those rules, civilians can hold them accountable by making a complaint under the Police Act or the RCMP Act within one year of the misconduct occurring. In that process, the police will investigate the incident and determine if there is merit to sending the matter to a disciplinary hearing. If the matter goes to a disciplinary hearing, a decision maker determines if there is enough evidence to make a finding of misconduct against the officer. If so, the decision maker will discipline the officer with a range of consequences from a warning to being expelled from the police force. Our office has extensive experience with all aspects of the police complaint process, and we can help you understand the process and enforce your rights at every step.

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