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Being convicted of a criminal offence is a life-changing event that can result in a jail sentence and can also impact a person’s ability to find work and travel for many years after the conviction and sentence. For that reason, it is crucial that any person who is criminally charged speak to a criminal defence lawyer to learn what his or her rights and defences are. Criminal law is often complex, and criminal lawyers specialize in knowing how the justice system works and sharing that expertise so that accused persons can make informed choices about how to conduct their criminal defence. In addition to traditional defences to crimes, every accused person in Canada has rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If the police breach those rights, the accused person may be entitled to a remedy such as a stay of criminal proceedings. Retaining a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer will ensure that every possible defence in law is forwarded in your case. We have a wealth of knowledge in criminal law, and we specialize in Charter arguments.

In addition, our office has experience conducting appeals of wrongful criminal convictions.

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